About Us

LOXpress evolved as a lead management solution for a national mortgage broker. Three years in development, it has been tested and refined by hundreds of loan officers in branches across the country. LOXpress is truly the only lead management system designed, built, and tested by mortgage professionals to accelerate leads to loans.

We want to assist loan officers, brokers, and managers in developing efficient systems that lower costs, increase revenue, use fewer resources, and require less time in growing your business. This easy-to-learn and simple-to-use solution maximizes value for each lead entering your pipeline. With customization and integration features applicable to the mortgage industry, LOXpress is free of the cumbersome and confusing features common in other lead management systems.

We have a specific goal and purpose in mind as we continue to improve LOXpress. Create a solution that will save time, be simple to use, and increase efficiency for all of our users.