Auto Emails & Reminders

Never Miss a Thing

The key to closing is, “constant contact.” LOXpress can manage this for you through rules that automatically send out emails when specified events occur. Or send them to yourself to keep abreast of loan progress and stay in contact with your prospects.

Never miss an appointment or follow up item with the LOXpress calendar and reminder features. Schedule tasks or call backs and LOXpress will notify you and help you stay in touch.

LOXpress allows you to create email templates for a consistent message across your organization. Send out these emails on demand, from inside LOXpress, whenever you feel like it, or define a rule to have it happen automatically. For example, you can define a rule for a "Thank You" email to be sent whenever you receive an application from a potential borrower. Set up your process once and let LOXpress do the rest of the work for you.

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Auto Emails