Custom Reporting

The State of Your Business at a Glance

Ever wonder which lead source is most effective? Or which loan officer is most productive? Or how this week is going compared to last week? LOXpress offers you the easiest, most-customizable reporting of any lead management system.

Answer every question you ever had about your lead data through the LOXpress reporting features. Query on dozens of fields according to your own custom criteria. Tag prospects for future follow-up. Display and sort by whatever column you're interested in. Group and sub-group data for a higher-level view. Export the results to a spreadsheet or just to the LOXpress pipeline page. Save favorite reports and maximize your ROI.

Whether you're a officer manager, mortgage broker, or loan officer, these features assist with prioritizing workflow as loans are accelerated through the pipeline. Go back and work your archived leads and referrals that would not close or qualify because of interest rates, bankruptcy, or whatever reason. With the LOXpress reporting features, they are easy to indentify and stay in touch with.

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Custom Reporting