What is LOXpress?

LOXpress is a lead management system designed by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals that accelerates leads to loans to grow your mortgage business.

What is the advantage automated lead distribution?

Time is money. Studies have identified time elements associated with successful lead conversion with the race to be first of critical importance. The faster your leads are distributed to loan officers will have a direct and dramatic impact on conversion rates and closed loans.

Are there any set-up fees for LOXpress?

No. In fact, all upgrades and new features will be added automatically at no additional charge.

What happens to my lead information if I cancel my account?

The information in your account is yours and will remain yours. It remains in our system for a period of time in the event you decide to renew your account. It may also be exported prior to canceling your account.

If my computer is stolen or crashes, are my leads safe?

LOXpress is a web-based program with several security protocols in place. Not only are your leads protected, but you can access them from any computer with internet connection.

Do you sell or rent personally identifiable information in your system?

No. We do not sell or rent information in our system.

What equipment and software is required to use LOXpress?

LOXpress is web based so there is no additional equipment or software required to use LOXpress, you only need internet access and web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Is there a limit to the number of leads I can enter?

No. You may enter as many leads as necessary to effectively manage and grow your business.