What People are saying about LOXpress...

"LOXpress is a must-have for all mortgage loan officers. With its easy-to-use interface, we have drastically decreased our training time with new employees. And because it is web-based, they can manage their loans from anywhere. If you are looking to maximize your loan officers' production, then LOXpress is a must. " -- A. Shelton, Shelton Financial

"LOXpress has helped our loan officers focus on progressing leads from first contact to funding. The ability to run multiple scenarios at the point of sale and seamlessly export the information to Point is a huge time-saver as well. Great product!" -- B. Holley, City 1st Mortgage

"The reporting section of LOXpress is amazing. I can pull data out of my account on just about anything. This was a real life saver when it came time to produce numbers for a recent audit. In a matter of minutes I was able to produce reports that would have taken me hours to create otherwise." -- T. Harrison

"I have been in the mortgage industry for almost 10 years. During that time I have tried many different programs to stay organized and close more loans. I used software found at mortgage conferences as well as developed my own techniques. It wasn't until I used LOXpress that I found what I had always been looking for. In just a few short days I almost doubled my personal output and have a simple way to not just track those I have worked with but create individual scenarios for each of them in a matter of minutes." -- A. Pearson, Independent Mortgage Broker

"When I had first been introduced to LOXpress, I was very excited about the way it could help me track my database of clients. But not until recently did I realize it would be a BUSINESS SAVER!! You see, last weekend, my laptop was stolen. I never would have thought that would happen to me, but nonetheless, it did. THANK HEAVENS that I had signed up a week or so previously with LOXpress and imported my whole database onto your system! I would have lost YEARS of work and contact information for past and current clients of mine. Thanks to the service that you provide, I am able to continue helping people as if nothing happened. Thank you so much for the service that you provide!" - Phillip Burnett, Branch Manager, Sun Valley Mortgage

"With LOXpress our loan officers now have access to their own personal databases so they can manage and be accountable for their own pipeline. From pricing the loan to exporting the data into Point, LOXpress makes everything easy and seamless." -- J. Johnson, Flagship Financial Group

"It has enabled me to take twice as many calls and work with twice as many people. I recommend this system for any loan officer or company that wants to improve its customer service, funding volume and ability to work with many more clients." -- J. Kelter, Brighton Home Loans

I am the owner of a small mortgage company. We generate all of our leads in house and we were in desperate need of a lead management system that would organize our entire process from start to finish. LOXpress did just that. We have been with LOXpress for about 6 months and since using LOXpress, we have literally quadrupled our monthly loan production because of the efficiencies that LOXpress has now built in to our business. Our loan officers are WAY more efficient and have all become "Volume Loan Officers" due to the way that the scenarios pages in LOX saves so much time and allows them to be fully armed with exact numbers for every selling point possible, instantly and on the fly. It keeps them organized and prevents deals from falling through the cracks. We use LOXpress to manage our deals from lead request all the way through funding. And it has centralized communication between our sales and our processing/support staff. Tracking leads on the processing side through LOXpress also helps us to identify issues in our business model and correct problems quickly. The LOXpress team is responsive, resovles any issues quickly, and makes sure that you have what you need to succeed. Over the years I have tried just about every Lead Management system out there from Leads 360, to PushMX, etc. Hands down LOXpress blows them all out of the water. LOXpress is so intuitive that I can have a new Employee trained on it and comfortable in 15 minitues, yet it is advanced enough for detailed administrative and managerial tracking. You would be crazy not to use LOXpress and let it change your business! Sincerely, Chad Childress - MLA, CMP® Stone Ground Consulting, LLC