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Every minute your prospect sits on hold or waits for a call back is another chance for them to shop elsewhere. As a loan officer, your lead management system doesn't do you much good if you can contact your prospect but then can't quote any numbers. LOXpress is the only lead management system with a powerful, easy-to-use Scenario Calculator that includes support for FHA, VA, and conventional loans, for Refis, Cash Outs, and Purchases.

The Scenario page was designed to be "as simple as possible, but no simpler." Once the borrower's necessary information is in, LOXpress makes it easy to tweak the various loan parameters until you have a scenario that works for him or her. Every step of the way you can see all the crucial numbers: every fee, monthly savings, actual closing costs, even the loan officer's net approximate income.

Once you and your client feel comfortable with the numbers, you can generate a GFE or Loan Comparison PDF with a single click. You can then email right out of LOXpress or fax it off within seconds. No need to cut and paste.

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Scenario Calculator